New User Interface (UI) for the Facebook Marketplace Report

Our Facebook Marketplace Report has always been extremely valuable, but we realized it could be more efficient for agencies running Marketplace for numerous dealer accounts.   

We recently revamped the Facebook Marketplace Report user interface for users to easily identify response rates, and run group-level reports for total Marketplace stats through our searchable table. 

While the Facebook Marketplace Report has always provided Marketplace stats of Views, Messages, Phone Clicks, Response Rate, and Response Time for all dealer accounts - this new user interface shows all Marketplace stats aggregate on ONE single screen, so you no longer have to manage accounts individually.

By default, the table is sorted by “Dealer Name,” but you can click “Sort by” to organize the table by any of the stats generated within the report. 

Sort by “Response Rate” to easily identify how time efficient dealers responses are, and determine if this is a factor that is affecting the performance of their listings.

To run group-level reports for total Marketplace stats: 

  • Type the dealer groups name in the Search field 
  • Specify which stat you want to compare among the group 

It's that easy. 

If you’re looking to locate all stats or perform a metric comparison for an individual Dealer:

  • Use the Search field and type in their name 
  • Next, click on the upward trend icon located next to the dealer name. 
The individual dealer report will look very familiar to you, as it has not changed!

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new UI for the Facebook Marketplace Report, and look forward to hearing about your experience!