Monthly Updates - January 2020

Happy New Year BuyerBridge partners!

Since it's been a few weeks since our last update, this one will cover a few changes in our roadmap that are important to note in addition to what's new. We've been hard at work creating new tools and features to ultimately create a better experience for you and your dealers so I'm excited to share what we've been up to!


  • By far our largest initiative since our last update has been our work around the development of a Monitoring System, which aims to ensure that every one of your dealer accounts are set up in line with Facebook's best practices and are performing to our standards. As of today, we've developed over 30 monitoring points and continue to develop more. Throughout the remainder of this month and next, we will be working on adding new dashboard screens and automated emails to expose the monitoring data to you in a way that's simple and actionable to ensure that issues are dealt with swiftly. We understand a lot can go wrong when trying to maintain automotive inventory ads, and we know those challenges first hand. With this new system, we're putting you in the drivers seat so there are no surprises when it's time to report on performance or a dealership asks you a question about their services with you.
  • The "Dealer" page now has an entirely new way to resend Page Access, Site Provider and Feed Provider requests. The new tool will provide transparency in not only "who" will receive the requests. but also "what" requests are sent. For dealers that use BuyerBridge's Business Manager for Marketplace and your own Business Manager for ads, this will be drastically more intuitive than the previous experience.
  • You now have the ability to add and manage Call Tracking numbers for existing dealers.  This feature was previously only available for new dealers during onboarding. If you have dealers running Pro or Ultimate, we welcome you to add Call Tracking numbers in the dashboard for better visibility in Facebook advertising performance. As a reminder, activating Call Tracking will automatically replace the phone number displayed when Facebook users reach a dealer site through an ad, and will send a recording of the call directly to the dealer's CRM when the call completes.
  • We added a new "Quick Links" section to the "Dealer page" that aims to give you a "one-stop-shop" for jumping throughout the Facebook UIs that we know are critical to managing Marketplace and Inventory Ads.

What's Coming

  • We're hyper focused on monitoring! As you could guess our next few updates will be monitoring-related. As mentioned, we're working hard to expose the data to you in a way that's actionable so over the next 2 months we'll be adding new dashboard tools and automated emails to improve that visibility.
  • For those paying attention, you've probably noticed that interstitials aren't live yet. We're as disappointed as you are that these aren't available yet but we made a difficult decision to put the project on hold until we were 100% confident that the accounts we have with our parters are in an optimal state -- with all aspects of AIA monitored. Currently, we're aiming to have some dealers running tests on interstitials by the end of the quarter so we'll keep you posted!


  • We continue to enhance our Website Lead Tracking script to cover even more events.  Our ultimate goal is to track every meaningful event that occurs on a dealer's website to properly communicate the performance we already know is happening but is only visible when a dealer providers match backs which can be difficult to maintain.  We know website leads are critical to your business so we'll continue improvements until our goal is met.
  • We've improved our overall support for catalogs and events with some major updates to our ViewContent events along with the relevant catalog fields to back them up.  This ultimately means your BuyerBridge inventory ads are covering every base Facebook makes available to ensure optimal performance.

Bug Fixes

  • In some rare cases, the JavaScript that replaces phone numbers was breaking links and image URLs.  We've updated that code to only replace displayed phone numbers and numbers in links prefixed with "tel:".
  • A number of bugs that would have prevented Page Access requests from being sent have been resolved.  If you have any issues with Page Access requests not being received by dealers, please let us know!
  • We've resolved a number of issues with the way we calculate Marketplace statistics and have updated historic data to ensure it's in line with Facebook's data.
  • When initially onboarding, the dashboard wouldn't display the navigation until a dealer had been onboarded. Now new agency accounts will redirect to the onboarding form until the first dealer has been added.
  • We resolved some issues on the Marketplace metrics report where the graph wouldn't display and metrics couldn't be compared.

Known Issues

  • We've been tracking an issue where some California-based dealer's pixels are being blocked from tracking users. This is an active issue that we're working closely with Facebook on resolving.  At the moment, it seems to only affect retargeting.  Broad Audience Targeting for prospecting continues to function normally in cases where the issue is exhibited.