Monthly Updates - December 2020

🎉  New Product Features

  • COMING NEXT WEEK: Dealer Dashboard

    BuyerBridge has been working behind the scenes on a new Dealer Dashboard that will make a great first impression on your dealer clients right out of the gate! Next week, the previous “Dealer Dash” will be replaced with a more data-intensive version (which is also now the new homepage for ALL users!):

    • The Dealer Dash will immediately display key metrics, versus settings (settings will be moved). 
    • If you’re currently onboarding a dealer account, your client (e.g. dealer user) will be presented with an alternate page showing them all of the Onboarding steps alongside progress indicators.

      Learn about the exciting features of our new Dealer Dashboard here: “New & Improved Dealer Dashboard” 

🙌  Enhancements

  • Update: Offline Events Uploader Tool

    Previously, users were only allowed to upload offline events up to 60 days old. Now, with our most recent update, our tool now supports offline events that are up to 90 days old! Users now have the ability to attribute a higher number of sales to Facebook ads and demonstrate ROI to their clients. Find out more about the BuyerBridge Offline Events Uploader Tool here: How to Use the New Offline Event Uploader Tool

  • Update: Reseller Report

    The Reseller Report underwent a couple of enhancements this month! 

    • First, we added an Export to CSV button on the Advertising Report for Resellers, along with 3 new metrics: UC / Reach, ULPV / Reach, and lastly, Frequency.
    • We also pushed out another update that adds the “Export CSV'' button to ALL Facebook reseller reports!

      Before we made this update, Resellers were required to export CSVs for dealer reports individually and could not export CSVs for all dealer accounts at once - but now, resellers can easily export all the CSVs they want
  • Update: Playbook Library

    To ensure that all users are comfortable and confident when selecting Playbooks, we made the following updates to the Playbook Library:

    • Legacy partners will love that our Playbook Library now displays icons that establish if a specific Playbook was used for (or is similar to) our legacy products, “Pro” and “Ultimate!” 
    • Our Playbooks provide INSTANT ad previews, allowing users to get an idea of what the ad creative, copy, and campaign types for Playbooks will look like.

      Discover all of the awesome features and 31 Playbooks within our Playbook Library here: New Playbook Library
Click here to check out the BuyerBridge 2020 Annual Recap and see exactly how far we’ve come in the past 365 days! 

🔧  Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • We deployed an update to allow the configuration of the vehicle_id field to be used for auto catalogs & leads. 
  • Our team made sure that we worked on the backend to allow agencies and dealers to disable Facebook leads completely. 
  • Agencies will be able to see “completed onboarding count” when they get to the dealer endpoint.
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