Monthly Updates - November 2020

🎉  New Product Features

  • BIG UPDATE: New Playbook Library

    With 31 Playbooks (and even more in the works!), we felt they deserved a home of their own, which is why we are thrilled to introduce our new Playbook Library! This new feature has been built to provide simple search functionality and give users a way to easily locate all Playbooks through filtering (by OEM, campaign focus, etc). Find out more details about our Playbook Library here: New Playbook Library
  • BIG UPDATE: New Product Packages

    As of today, all of our current products have migrated to NEW Product Packages: Marketplace, Marketplace+, Advertising & Advertising+. With clear feature comparisons and simple product activation, these exciting new packages have been developed to help you scale! Discover everything you need to know about our 4 Product Packages here: New Product Packages
  • 14 NEW AIA Playbooks

    We are thrilled to announce that 14 new AIA Playbooks have been launched into the dashboard! We expect to continue evolving them over the next few weeks based on your feedback, so dig in! 

    • These will ultimately replace the previous Pro & Ultimate Playbooks
    • The lead ad campaigns have been separated, meaning that users who want leads now have the option to deploy Lead Gen campaigns separately as either prospecting or retargeting setups
    • If you deployed ALL of these playbooks you would only ever end up with 2 campaigns: "AIA - HEC" and "AIA - Lead Gen - HEC” 
      Learn about our AIA Playbooks further here: How to Choose the Right AIA Playbook for Your Dealer Clients

🙌  Enhancements

  • Update: Budgeting Report

    Previously, the BuyerBridge Reseller > Budgeting Report contained incorrect calculations (primarily Projected Spend and Suggest Daily Adjustment). The goal of this update was to clear up issues where the report’s adjustment calculations weren't 100% accurate depending on when you were checking the numbers throughout the month (especially on the first and last day). There's a few new features in this release and we're still working on some additional value-added features: 

    • With this update, users can Filter based on Adjustment! If you want only to view accounts that need now can! 
    • Now, users can HOVER over calculated columns to see the math being applied and how the number is derived
  • Update: User Settings

    We know that it can be confusing for users when you’re unable to see which user you’re logged in as, or make changes to user settings within the BuyerBridge platform...which is why we made this update to User Settings that allows users to change their name, email, and password all within the interface! 

🚨  Important: FYI 

  • We've officially deprecated the old onboarding form for all resellers! A few notes:
    • The old link ( will route to the new onboarding form
    • The menu item to access the form has been removed
    • The old onboarding status page has been marked "legacy" and will remain active until we've confirmed that all legacy onboardings are closed
    • We've updated the messaging on the old onboarding status page 
    • Admin users can still access the old form (with an updated notice) at:

🔧  Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The payment dialog on Facebook wasn't working for Resellers on custom domains, but we made sure to fix this so that it goes directly to Payment Settings instead. 
  • When Onboarding a Marketplace product, you will now be able to complete Onboarding as soon as you have eligible inventory! Although there will no longer be a delay until listings are available, it can still take up to 48 hours for listings to show on Facebook.
  • Previously, when users would deactivate dealers, they were not automatically redirected to the dealer list; we have resolved this issue and users will now be redirected to the dealer list, immediately.
  • If you DO NOT have a site provider during Onboarding, we now require an explicit indication. This new requirement allows our team to more accurately track when we need to check unknown websites and ensure compatibility.
  • In an effort to ensure that 100% of the leads captured are delivered, we added additional backup scripts.
  • We deployed a front-end update to the dealer page slide-outs to better align our Resend Site Provider Request and Resend Feed Provider Request. BuyerBridge will no longer send out the feed and site request emails, but will of course display them. 

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