Monthly Updates - October 2020

🎉  New Product Features

  • Marketplace + Chatbot

    We are excited to introduce our Marketplace + Chatbot feature! Prior to this, agencies and dealers were unable to view the chatbot’s default language, and if they needed to modify their messaging, they had to submit a support ticket... Now, users have visibility into the chatbot automation, along with the power to change their copy AND use dynamic data for more specific chatbot messages. Get details about our new Marketplace + Chatbot product feature here: New Marketplace + Chatbot Product Feature 

🙌  Enhancements

  • Update: Facebook Marketplace Report UI

    We made an update to the Facebook Marketplace report so that it now reflects the same user interface (UI) as our budgeting tool; aggregating all Marketplace stats on one single screen. This update was made for users to easily identify response rates, and run group level reports for total Marketplace stats through our searchable table! Learn more about the new UI, here: New User Interface (UI) for the Facebook Marketplace Report
  •  Offline Event Uploader Tool 

    Offline events that are created and uploaded aren’t always 100% accurate; sometimes, when a customer's phone number is the same area code as the dealership’s, out of habit, area codes are left out… We understand this can be frustrating, but for the purpose of sales matchbacks, we need to validate as many indicators as possible. Aware of this, we made the following enhancement:

    • For Offline Events that are uploaded containing phone numbers without area codes, the BuyerBridge system now will autocomplete those using the dealer's area code.
  • Update: Hotfix Page Request

    We are now scraping Facebook pages to validate the page URL and obtain the pages ID, that way BuyerBridge can send out the Page Access Request from your Business Manager! With the new API call, we completely streamlined the Page Access Request process so that we get more consistent results when using your page’s URL to add new ones during onboarding. 

🚨  Important: FYI 

  • During onboarding, partners were reporting that ID strings from feed providers couldn’t be processed properly after the provider had exported inventory to BuyerBridge. We made a major update to the way that worked in the onboarding system to resolve the issue. 
    • Partners need to keep in mind that when a feed provider has provided an ID String, that doesn’t mean that they've actually sent BB the inventory! Almost every provider only sends BuyerBridge Inventory on a nightly basis, meaning that if we get an ID String around 9 pm eastern time we typically have to wait until the next day to try to process it.
      We’re working to build new tools to automate this and make it easier all together... so stay tuned!
  • You can no longer select an existing catalog to use in the new onboarding system! The reason that we did this is that while the system technically would support an existing catalog, there are a number of areas in the BuyerBridge platform that assume that BuyerBridge is supplying the inventory. While we do not currently, we do plan to support inventory coming from your own catalog in the future. We’re not there yet, but we will be very soon...make sure to keep an eye out!  

🔧  Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Previously, when users searched for deleted dealers by name, the results would come back empty. For agency partners who want to reactivate a dealer account, or view deleted accounts, this posed a problem. Our team made sure to fix this issue so that when searched by name, the results display the deleted dealer accounts! 
  • The way that BuyerBridge determines where to send access from is based on the product that the dealer has or is onboarding, and if the reseller has their own Marketplace Catalog.
    • The rules are that if an agency has its own Marketplace catalog, the page access request would only go out from that agency’s Business Manager.
    • If the agency does not have their own Marketplace catalog but the product selected was Marketplace, the Page request would go out from BuyerBridge.
    • If the agency doesn’t have their own Marketplace catalog and the product they chose was pro or ultimate; the Page access request would go out from the Business Manager, BuyerBridge, and agencies.

      This logic wasn’t working correctly and it wasn’t happening consistently, breaking a small % of the time. It wasn't a systemic bug but there was a problem of being inefficient, so we fixed this issue so that custom products/plays no longer determine which Business Manager account gets Marketplace Page access!
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