PDF Performance Report Builder [V2]

Since introducing BuyerBridge’s PDF Performance Report Builder [V1], the BuyerBridge team has been hard at work to advance the tool and provide agencies with even more value.

And now, our PDF Performance Report Builder [V2] is finally here!

How To Access The New Report Builder 

  • At the dealer level, clicking the PDF icon will prompt a slideout panel to display where users will be able to select which template they want to use.
  • If you’re creating a PDF Report from the dealer-level Facebook Advertising Report, the PDF Report will be generated based on the Dealer and Dates in the context of the Dashboard.

What’s Different About The PDF Report Builder [V2]? 

The initial rollout of the PDF Report Builder [V1] allowed agencies to automatically generate and download PDF Performance Reports for their dealer clients - however, it did not include customizations.


With the rollout of our newest version, we’re excited to reveal that the PDF Report Builder [V2] now provides agencies with the ability to create CUSTOM performance reports using:

  • Your agency’s branding
  • Personalized metrics
  • And custom report templates!

PLUS, we’ll include additional types of stats and graphs (like Marketplace!). 


How To Create & Edit PDF Report Templates 

Any agency user will have access to the Report Templates!

Note: Dealer users will NOT have the ability to access your agency’s Report Templates. 

How To Create Your PDF Report Template

1. Using the navigation menu on the left, in the Reseller section: hover over Reports > click Report Templates.

2. From the header menu, select the Dealer Name and Date Range you want to use for generating the Report Template (or drop-down the Dealer menu and scroll to find). 

Our Report Templates page by default includes a base template that mimics our previous "Monthly Facebook” Report and will be viewable (but not editable) by all agency users.

Users will be able to access all of their existing/created report templates from the Report Templates Page. 


3. Click the “New Template” (+ Icon) located in the upper right corner of the Report Templates Page.


4. Name your new template > click Next.

Note: Keep in mind that this is what your template will be referenced by and what will be displayed as the title of the report upon generation. 

After clicking next, the PDF Report building tool will be displayed and you will be able to customize your report!

How To Edit Your PDF Report Template

To add Pages to your PDF Report: click Add Pages on the left side of the screen.


This will prompt the Pages slideout panel to display, where you will be able to add both Pre-Configured Pages and Custom Pages. 


There are 3 Pre-Configured Pages that can be included in the report: Front Cover, Facebook Advertising Funnel, and Back-Cover - but they cannot be edited. 

You’ll also have 4 pre-defined Custom Page layouts available for further customization: 

  • Full Page
  • 2 up Horizontal
  • 3 up (1 top, 2 bottoms)
  • and 3 up (2 top, 1 bottom)

1. To access and add Custom Pages: toggle from Pre-Configured Pages to Custom Pages > click the “+” icon next to the desired design layout(s) > click Add Page(s)


Customizing the report with Page Title, Platform, Product, and Content-type is simple:

3. Click Page Settings located above the Page you wish to customize.  

Page Settings allows users to rename the Page Title, choose the Platform and Product being used for the report, and Content within the page. 


4. Change the Page Title to your desired Page Title (Example: “Lauren’s Funnel of Fun”). 

5. Fill each Region of the page with any of the following options: Funnel, Billboard, Graph, and Table.

Don’t forget to change the Region Title for the different region(s) depending on what you’re displaying within the specific area.


If you want to insert a Funnel to a region of the Page:

  • Click Funnel
  • Select a Metric from the Metrics dropdown 
    • There are dozens of different metric options available, from Click to Call to Offline Purchase. 
  • Click Add Metric and continue selecting metrics from the Metrics drop down until you have reached the minimum Metrics (7) or maximum (8)!

>>To remove or replace any of the selected Metrics, click the red “X” located to the right of the specific Metric. 

If you want to add a Billboard, Graph, or Table to any region of your PDF Report, simply select the widget you want to add (1 metric is required to use the Billboard, Graph, or Table widgets).


If you choose to use a Table in your custom PDF Report, be aware: This widget size is limited to displaying only 5 rows. When using a Table for the report, users will have the ability to choose the Data Type that is displayed, and how it is sorted in the report itself. 

At any time throughout Report Template customization, users can click the 3 dots located to the right of the specific Page (from the Page menu on the left) and perform the following: Duplicate, Move up, Move down, Move to top, Move to bottom, access Page Settings, or Delete the page. 


Using Your New Report Template

Once you have finished creating your custom PDF Report Template, click Save & Exit in the upper right-hand corner of the customization screen. 

Your template will be saved in the Report Templates area of BuyerBridg, and you can locate all of your Report Templates at any time by going to Reseller > Reports > Report Templates.

How To Use Your PDF Report Template 

When you go to create a PDF Report for a specific Dealer (or from the dealer-level Facebook Advertising Report), the PDF icon will prompt a “Generate Report” slideout panel to display.


All you have to do is select which Report Template you want to use from the “Select Report Template” dropdown.

Finally, click Generate Report and BuyerBridge will create your custom PDF Report!